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Ranting about a faster learning and communication method

I wish there was a way to output information from the brain faster than typing. Current methods such as typing, writing, and even speaking are low bandwidth. Speaking is better than typing, but current talk to text technology still makes a lot of mistakes and is more trouble than it's worth. I wish we could get information out of our brains and communicate it with others more efficiently. I also wish we could import information and knowledge into our brains more efficiently.

Currently, if I want to know what someone else knows, they must either speak the information, create a video, write a book, etc. I must then listen to that person (with poor focus probably), watch that video, or read that book to get it in my brain. Worse still than just the time expenditure from both parties, my retention rate will be very low. To combat the low retention rate, I must take notes in some way. That involves writing, speaking into a phone, or typing these notes and then going back later to review them. More time is lost in locating those notes, reading them, and still not retaining most of it more than a few minutes or hours. The whole process of learning seems very inefficient, but it is so important.

If there were a way to share communicate valuable information, teach and learn, faster without using a valuable resource, time, that would mark a large transitional period for humanity and progress. This thought process ends up at superhuman AGI, artificial general intelligence, which we still don't understand the outcome of. But what if we could get all the benefits of the ability of a machine to learn extremely rapidly at a high bandwidth but still not have that machine make decisions? What if we could use the rapid information transfer of machines to increase HUMAN intelligence? Elon Musk's Neuralink can play a pivotal role in this by creating a brain-computer interface.

I think this topic warrants further exploration.


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